TLS Online Course, For N1 & N2

Feel the Spirit of Japanese With TLS

Once a week you are going to enjoy a 90 minute Japanese Class. The school has a special offer, don’t miss your change to have a 10 time Japanese lessons packege. The price for a packege is 22.000 JPY. Last, but not least, class is with a maximum of 10 student and it’s easy to study with zoom. We are awaiting for your participation!

Kelas Persiapan N1

N1 Reading & Listening

N1 Grammar

Kelas Persiapan N2

N2 Reading & Listening

N2 Grammar

HariKamis / Jumat
Jam18:30 - 20:00
Start22 April 2021
Total Belajar90 menit (10 x pertemuan

Pilihan Kelas:

1. Kelas Reading & Listening

2. Kelas Grammar

Max 10 siswa

Harga : 22,000 JPY

Daftar Di sini

Learn better with native speakers

Bergabung dengan kelas kursus online bahasa Jepang N1 dan N2 kami yang diajarkan oleh Native Speaker, guru berpengalaman dari sekolah bahasa Jepang unggulan Toyo Language School!