Japanese Summer Online

A Chance to Learn Authentic Japanese with the Instructors at YIEA

– 10 Day (30 Lesson) only.
– 16 – 27 Aug. Mon – Fri. 3 Lesson / day.

Online Lesson: 100% zoom live interactive classes

5-10 people per class (min. 5 people require

Need to know hiragana & Katakana. Learn situational conversations

For those around N4 level. Experience direct method learning.

  1. Application fee for student visa course waived for 1 year.
  2. Game / tea time on the last day


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A Class: JST 10:10 – 13:00 (50 minx 3) UTC+09:00

Y Class: JST 16:10 – 19:00 (50 minx 3) UTC+09:00

DateIntroductory LevelIntermediate Level
8/16Introduction, pronunciation自己紹介 復習文法1
8/17Talk about yourself復習文法2
8/18What food do you like?復習文法3 新しい文法1
8/19At restaurants会話1 新しい文法2
8/20Our houses, your rooms接続表現 便利な表現
8/23Where is it?語彙 ステップ1 読もう
8/24My schedule for the week作文 ステップ3 聞こう
8/25My hobbies & interestsステップ4 話そう・書こう
8/26Events in the cityステップ5 挑戦しよう
8/27Shopping at stores +Gamesスピーチ(作文)+ Tea Time

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